We create extra ordinary high quality tailored seminars, with a
specialty on Education and high education seminars, symposiums and

We ensure that your conference adheres to the strategy, targets and interests of the contracting body.
We have dedicated teams specialized in National, European and/or international conferences.
Our settings
Live, Virtual and Hybrid Events with an advanced solutions to help you in reaching your seminars objectives
Live Events
Where we develop memorable events, on location live graphics services, where visualizing is around all your objectives.
Hybrid Events
A successful combination between live and live events where people are engaged in all means.
Virtual Events
We have experience on managing online events and engaging as much as participants needed, including online translation, Moderators, keynote speakers and all the required elements which make your events saucerful.
Our main pillars

Networking and Resources

We do offer a wide consultation for your event to reach the high standard in using the right Human resources , Keynote speakers , instructors and trainers were we offer a wide range of experts and advisors who could complement your seminars in an extra professional added value.

Program & Content Development

Deliver flawless and innovative content onsite, online, on the go and in print – then develop derivative content-based products to maximize the impact of your event. Our content development and management team will handle all communication with contributors, faculty, reviewers and speakers through all stages of content management.

for creativity

We believe your success is depending on our ability to facilitate a process where all your team in different levels could bring a creative ideas for your Seminars and where people are able to bring success jointly with our expertise in Facilitation

Our Clients

Mobader is seeking to build an international relation with two main sectors to focus on a close marketing plan and build a portfolio with:
We built our experiences with our clients